Note: USA, Canada and Caribbean only. Not complete!

011 [ International Access Code ] 

125 Parts of British Columbia (108 Mile House)

200 [ Reserved - Service Access Code ] 
201 Hoboken, Jersey City, (Northeast) New Jersey 
202 All of Washington, DC
203 Parts of Connecticut (Bridgeport, New Haven)
204 All parts of Manitoba, CANADA 
205 Northern parts of Alabama 
206 Seattle, Tacoma and Vancouver, (Western) Washington 
207 All parts of Maine 
208 All parts of Idaho 
209 Stockton, Merced (Central) California 
210 San Antonio, (Southern) Texas [512 until 1 Nov 1992] 
211 [ Coin-operated Telephone Refunds ] 
212 New York City (Manhattan only), New York 
213 Los Angeles, California 
214 Dallas, (Northeast) Texas 
215 Allentown, Chester and Philadelphia, (Southeast) Pennsylvania 
216 Akron, Cleveland, Massillon and Youngstown, (Northeast) Ohio 
217 Springfield and Champaign-Urbana, (South Central) Illinois 
218 Duluth, (Northern) Minnesota 
219 Gary, Hammond, Fort Wayne and South Bend, (Northern) Indiana 
240 Parts of Maryland (Cumberland, Frederick, Hagerstown)
242 Bahamas
248 Parts of Michigan (Novi, Waterford)
250 Parts of British Columbia and Alaska (Kelowna, Prince George)
251 Jackson (Alabama)
256 Anniston, Gadsden, Huntsville, Florence (Alabama)
262 Racine, West Bend (SE Wisconsin)
264 Anguilla
268 Antigua and Barbuda

300 [ Reserved - Service Access Code ] 
301 Silver Spring and Frederick, (Southern and Western) Maryland 
302 All parts of Delaware 
303 Boulder, Denver and Grand Junction, (Northern and Western) Colorado 
304 All parts of West Virginia (except Wheeling)
305 Fort Lauderdale, Key West and Miami, (Southeast) Florida 
306 All parts of Saskatchewan, CANADA 
307 All parts of Wyoming 
308 North Platte and Grand Island, (Western) Nebraska 
309 Moline, Rock Island and Peoria, (West Central) Illinois 
310 Parts of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California 
311 [ Reserved - Special Function ] 
312 Parts of Chicago, Illinois 
313 Detroit and Ann Arbor, (Eastern) Michigan 
314 Saint Louis and Columbia, (Eastern) Missouri 
315 Oswego, Syracuse and Utica, (North Central) New York 
316 Dodge City and Wichita, (Southern) Kansas 
317 Indianapolis, (Central) Indiana 
318 Lake Charles and Shreveport, (Western) Louisiana 
319 Dubuque, Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, (Eastern) Iowa 
320 Northern Minnesota (Alexandria, St. Cloud)
323 Los Angeles/Florence (California)
334 Southern parts of Alabama 
345 Cayman Islands
352 Northern Florida (Gainesville)

400 [ Reserved - Service Access Code ] 
401 All parts of Rhode Island 
402 Lincoln and Omaha, (Eastern) Nebraska 
403 All Parts of Yukon 
404 Atlanta, (Northern) Georgia 
405 Oklahoma City, (Southern and Western) Oklahoma 
406 All parts of Montana 
407 Orlando (Central) Florida 
408 San Jose and Sunnyvale, (Central Coastal/Silicon Valley) California 
409 Galveston and Port Arthur, (Southeast) Texas 
410 Baltimore and Annapolis, (Eastern) Maryland 
411 [ Local Directory Assistance ] 
412 Pittsburgh and New Castle, (Western) Pennsylvania 
413 Springfield and Pittsfield, (Western) Massachusetts 
414 Milwaukee (Southeast) Wisconsin 
415 San Francisco, (West Bay Area) California 
416 Toronto, (South Central) Ontario, CANADA 
417 Joplin and Springfield, (Southwest) Missouri 
418 Quebec City, (Northeast) Quebec, CANADA 
419 Toledo and Lima, (Northwest) Ohio 
423 Parts of Kentucky and Tennessee (Jellico, Kensee, Saxton)
441 Bermuda
443 Parts of Maryland (Annapolis, Baltimore, Salisbury)
473 Grenada
475 Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury (Connecticut)
480 Chandler (Arizona)

500 [ Reserved - Service Access Code ] 
501 Parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma (Little Rock, Fayetteville, Fort Smith)
502 Louisville and Paducah, (Western) Kentucky 
503 All parts of Oregon 
504 Baton Rouge and New Orleans, (Eastern) Louisiana 
505 All parts of New Mexico 
506 All parts of New Brunswick, CANADA 
507 Rochester, Austin and Winona, (Southern) Minnesota 
508 Worcester, Framingham and New Bedford, (Eastern) Massachusetts 
509 Spokane and Walla Walla, (Eastern) Washington 
510 Oakland, (East Bay Area) California 
511 [ Reserved - Special Function ] 
512 Austin and Corpus Christi, (Southern) Texas 
513 Cincinnati and Dayton, (Southwest) Ohio 
514 Montreal, (Southern) Quebec, CANADA 
515 Des Moines and Fort Dodge, (Central) Iowa 
516 Hempstead, (Long Island) New York 
517 Lansing and Saginaw, (Central) Michigan 
518 Albany and Schenectady, (Northeast) New York 
519 London, (Southwest) Ontario, CANADA 
520 Northern parts of Arizona 
530 Alturas, Chico, Redding (California)
559 Fresno (California)
561 (East Central) Florida (Boca Raton, Sebastian, West Palm Beach)
562 Parts of Southern California (Downey, Long Beach)
573 Parts of Missouri (Columbia, Hannibal, Jefferson City)

600 [ Reserved - Service Access Code ] 
601 All parts of Mississippi 
602 Phoenix (Arizona)
603 All parts of New Hampshire 
604 Parts of British Columbia, CANADA (Vancouver)
605 All parts of South Dakota 
606 Ashland and Covington, (Eastern) Kentucky 
607 Binghamton, Elmira and Ithaca, (South Central) New York 
608 Beloit, Madison, LaCrosse (Southwest) Wisconsin 
609 Atlantic City, Camden and Trenton, (Southern) New Jersey 
610 [Telex II (TWX) Service for CANADA] 
611 [ Repair Service ] 
612 Minneapolis, (Central) Minnesota 
613 Ottawa, (Southeast) Ontario, CANADA 
614 Columbus and Zanesville, (Southeast) Ohio 
615 Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina (Waterville)
616 Battle Creek and Grand Rapids, (Western) Michigan 
617 Boston and surrounding area, (Eastern) Massachusetts 
618 Alton and Centralia, (Southern) Illinois 
619 San Diego, Palm Springs and the Imperial Valley, California 
623 Buckeye (Arizona)
626 Parts of Southern California (Burbank, Glendale, S. Pasadena)
630 Northeast Illinois (Aurora, Naperville, Oak Brook Terrace)
650 Parts of Northern California (Los Altos, Palo Alto, S. San Francisco)
651 St. Paul, Red Wing (Minnesota)
661 Bakersfield. Santa Clarita, Palmdale (California)
664 Montserrat
670 Northern Mariana Islands
671 Guam

700 Value Added Information Service Access Code (varies by LD carrier) 
701 All parts of North Dakota 
702 Nevada (Las Vegas area)
703 Arlington and Roanoke, (Northern and Western) Virginia 
704 Charlotte and Salisbury, (Western) North Carolina 
705 North Bay, (Northern) Ontario, CANADA 
706 [Formerly Tijuana, (Northwest) MEXICO equivalent to +52 6X XXX XXX] 
706 Augusta, Columbus and Rome, (Northern) Georgia 
707 Eureka, Napa and Santa Rosa, (North Coastal) California 
708 Chicago Suburbs, (Northeast) Illinois 
709 All parts of Newfoundland and Labrador, CANADA 
710 [ Government Special Services ] 
711 [ Reserved - Special Function ] 
712 Council Bluffs and Sioux City, (Western) Iowa 
713 Houston and surrounding area, Texas 
714 Orange County, California 
715 Eau Claire, Wausau, Superior (Northern) Wisconsin 
716 Buffalo, Niagara Falls and Rochester, (Western) New York 
717 Harrisburg, Pottsville and Scranton, (East Central) Pennsylvania 
718 New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island), New York 
719 Colorado Springs and Pueblo, (Southeast) Colorado 
720 Boulder, Denver (Colorado)
732 Parts of New Jersey (Long Branch, New Brunswick)
760 Parts of Southern California (Bishop, Indio, Blythe, Ridgecrest)
765 Kokomo, Lafayette, (NorthCentral) Indiana 
770 Atlanta suburbs, (Northern) Georgia 
773 Parts of Chicago, Illinois 
775 All of Nevada except Las Vegas/Clark County

800 "Toll-Free" Incoming WATS Service Access Code 
801 All parts of Utah 
802 All parts of Vermont 
803 All parts of South Carolina 
804 Charlottesville, Norfolk and Richmond, (Southeast) Virginia 
805 San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Thousand Oaks (South Central) California 
806 Amarillo, (North Panhandle) Texas 
807 Thunder Bay and Fort William, (Northwest) Ontario, CANADA 
808 All parts of Hawaii 
809 British Virgin Islands.
810 Flint, northern Detroit suburbs (SE Michigan)
811 [ Reserved - Special Function ] 
812 Bloomington, Evansville and Terre Haute, (Southern) Indiana 
813 St. Petersburg and Tampa, (West Central) Florida 
814 Altoona and Erie, (West Central) Pennsylvania 
815 Freeport, Joliet and Rockford, (Northern) Illinois 
816 Kansas City and Saint Joseph, (Northwest) Missouri 
817 Fort Worth, Temple and Waco, (North Central) Texas 
818 Glendale and San Fernando (area north of Los Angeles), California 
819 (Western) Quebec and (Eastern) N.W. Territories, (Pangnirtung)
831 Salinas (California)
847 North Chicago, Evanston, Waukegan, Illinois
850 Panama City, Pensacola, Tallahassee, (NorthWest) Florida 
858 Solana Beach (California)
860 Parts of Connecticut (Hartford)
867 Parts of Northwest Territories (Whitehorse)
870 Parts of Arkansas (El Dorado, Jonesboro, Paine Bluff)
876 Jamaica
877 Toll Free
888 Toll Free

900 Mass Calling and Value Added Information Service Access Code 
901 Memphis and Jackson, (Western) Tennessee 
902 All parts of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, CANADA 
903 Texarkana and Paris, (Northeast) Texas 
904 Jacksonville, (NorthEast) Florida 
905 [Formerly Mexico City, (Northern) MEXICO equivalent to +52 5 XXX XXXX] 
905 to be formed by splitting 416 (Ontario) 
906 Sault Ste. Marie and Marquette, (Upper North) Michigan 
907 All parts of Alaska 
908 Elizabeth, Phillipsburg, Washington, (Central) New Jersey 
909 [ has been Telenet Communications Data Network ] 
909 Pomona and San Bernardino, California [currently 714] 
910 Parts of North Carolina (Greensboro, Winston-Salem)
911 [ Police/Fire Emergency Service ] 
912 Macon and Savannah, (Southern) Georgia 
913 Salina and Topeka, (Northern) Kansas 
914 New Rochelle, White Plains and Poughkeepsie, (Southern) New York 
915 Abilene, El Paso and Odessa, (Western) Texas 
916 Sacramento and Davis, (Northern) California 
917 Cellular and Paging for New York City 
918 Muskogee and Tulsa, (Northeast) Oklahoma 
919 Greenville, Raleigh (Eastern) North Carolina 
920 Eastcentral Wisconsin (Green Bay)
925 Concord, Pleasanton (California)
928 Flagstaff, Yuma (Arizona)
941 Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, (SouthWest) Florida 
949 Irvine, Laguna Niguel (California)
952 Bloomington (Minnesota)
954 Fort Lauderdale, (Southern) Florida 
959 Hartford, Torrington, Norwich (Connecticut)
970 Parts of Colorado (Aspen, Fort Collins, Grand Junction)
973 Parts of New Jersey (Newark, Paterson)

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