Lectures (M, W, F) will be held at 10:00 a.m. in Room 140 and Discussions (Th) will be held at 10:00 a.m. in Room 281, Medical Sciences Building. 


Date                Lecturer          Title                 

9/1/08                                      Labor Day

9/3/08              Fettiplace        Resting potential

9/4/08                                      Discussion 1 (RF)

9/5/03                                      Patch clamping/ Ion channels           


9/8/08              Chiu                Energetics of ion channels and structure of the pore  

9/10/08                                    Single-channel analysis

9/11/08                                   Discussion 2  (BC)

9/12/08                                           Molecular classification of potassium channels


9/15/08            Chiu                Channel inactivation I

9/17/08                                    Channel inactivation II

9/18/08                                    Discussion 3 (BC)

9/19/08                                    Activation of voltage-sensitive channels


9/22/08            Chiu                Different ion channels and their role in excitability

9/25/08                                    Myelinated nerve fibers I

9/25/08                                    Discussion 4 (BC)

9/26/08                                    Myelinated nerve fibers II


9/29/08            Banks             Electrophysiology of synaptic transmission

10/1/08                                   Ca2+ channels and Ca2+ measurements        

10/2/08                                    Discussion 5 (MB)

10/3/08                                   Quantal release of neurotransmitter


10/6/08            Banks              Steps and structures in exocytosis and endocytosis

10/8/08            Jones               Post-synaptic receptors: binding & gating

10/9/08                                   Central synapses: Excitatory transmission

10/10/08                                 Discussion 6 (MJ)


10/13/08          Jones               Central synapses: Inhibitory transmission

10/15/08                                  Shaping of the synaptic potential (conductance, current & voltage)

10/16/08                                  Discussion 7 (MJ)

10/17/08                                 Dendritic integration (temporal & spatial summation) 


10/20/08          Czajkowski     Neurochemistry

10/22/08                                  Neurotransmitter transporters

10/23/08                                  Discussion 8  (CC)

10/24/08                                  Ligand-gated ion channels I: nAChR


10/24/08                                  MIDTERM EXAM PAPER HANDOUT


10/27/08          Czajkowski     Ligand-gated ion channels II: GABA & GlycineR                 

10/29/08                                  Ligand-gated ion channels III: Glutamate Receptors           

10/30/08                                  Discussion 9  (CC)

10/31/08                                 G-protein linked receptors


11/3/08                                    MIDTERM EXAM PAPER DUE


11/3/08            Czajkowski     Second messengers: protein kinases & phosphatases

11/5/08                                    Assembly, transport & targeting of receptors

11/6/08                                    Discussion 10 (CC)

11/7/08                                    Channel regulation: transcription & translation


11/10/08          Czajkowski     Synaptogenesis

11/12/08          Oertel              Firing patterns of neurons

11/13/08                                  Discussion 11 (DO)

11/14/08                                  Excitation and inhibition


11/17/08                                  NEUROSCIENCE MEETING (11/15 – 11/19)

11/19/08                                 NEUROSCIENCE MEETING (11/15 – 11/19)

11/20/08                                  Discussion 12 (DO)

11/21/08                                 Dendritic integration



11/24/08          Oertel             Synaptic plasticity I

11/26/08                                  Synaptic plasticity II

11/27/08                                 THANKSGIVING

11/28/08                                  THANKSGIVING


12/1/08            Fettiplace        Photoreceptors: Rhodopsin and G-protein cascade

12/3/08                                    Rods and cones

12/4/08                                    Discussion session 13 (RF)

12/5/08                                    Synaptic transmission in the retina; ganglion cell receptive fields


12/8/08            Fettiplace        Olfaction

12/10/08                                  Hair cells I; TRP channels

12/11/08                                  Hair cells II

12/12/08                                  Review session (RF)


12/15/08                                  FINAL EXAM (2 hours, in class)



Robert Fettiplace, 185 MSC 262-9320.  fettiplace@physiology.wisc.edu

Matt Banks, Room 4605 MSC. 261-1143. mibanks@wisc.edu
Bill Chiu, 277 MSC.
  262-6994. chiu@physiology.wisc.edu

Cindy Czajkowski, Rm. 135,  601 Science Drive, Research Park, 265-5863. czajkowski@physiology.wisc.edu

Matt Jones, 283 MSC. 263-4394. jonesmat@physiology.wisc.edu

Donata Oertel, Rm 299 Med. Sci. oertel@physiology.wisc.edu  263-6281


EXAM.  The midterm exam will be a take-home exam counting for one third of the grade and the final exam will be an in-class exam counting for two-thirds of the grade. 


DISCUSSIONS.  These sections will be used to review original literature or to go over problem sets.  They are an important part of the course and attendance is required.


TEXT BOOKS (highly recommended)

From Neuron to Brain  JG Nicholls et al., 4th edition (2001) Sinauer Press.  This edition of a classic text is a very readable account of both cellular and molecular neuroscience.  Original experiments and references are cited, but there is less emphasis on the molecular topics.   (Available from University Bookstore).


Principles of Neural Science ER Kandel, JH Schwartz & TM Jessell. 4th edition (2000) McGraw Hill.   A comprehensive textbook of neuroscience with good chapters on the cell and molecular topics but will also be useful for those taking Physiology 611, the systems neuroscience course.


Cellular and Molecular Neurophysiology (2008) 3rd edition. C Hammond (editor). Both textbooks by Nichol and by Kandel are now substantially out of date. This book has more up to date material but is less comprehensive than the other two.



Ionic channels of excitable membranes B. Hille. (2001) 3rd edition Comprehensive and rigorous tome, a good source book but some sections beyond the scope of the present course.


Molecular Biology of the Neuron R.W. Davis & B.J. Morris (2004) 2nd edition,

OUP. New edition of a good book that gives detailed coverage of molecular neurobiology, including material not in the course.


Apart from textbooks, I encourage you to read review articles.  Some of these will be mentioned during the lectures and discussion sessions.  However you can find reviews for yourself in the following journals: Trends in Neurosciences (excellent, didactic and highly recommended), Current Opinions in Neurobiology (very condensed and research oriented, but sub-divided into categories such as ‘Signaling mechanisms’, ‘Development’ and ’Sensory Systems’), Nature Reviews of Neuroscience (research oriented).