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Friday, March 23, 2007
Welcome to the Basement Blog. I hope to update this with various tips, problems, solutions and comments about everyday computing problems and topics as I encounter them.

This purpose of this blog is twofold: (1) Help me remember things and (2) Help others solve the same problem in case they run across it.

The items on this blog are ones that happen in my computing life, which are of interest at that time, so they follow no particular pattern or design. I have been using computers for a relatively long time, since 1971, so every so often I will try to add things from the past. I started out writing programs as a student on an IBM 1620, moving on to a Univac 1108, followed by Datacraft 6024/5, DEC PDP-11's, VAX-11/750, MicroVAX's and VAXstations, DOS PC's, Windows PC's and servers, etc. Currently I spend most of my working time managing a network of Windows PC's, Mac's and Windows Servers. It is a small network of about 400 computers, so I wear many (i.e. all) hats. I am interested in all areas of computing, but especially security, email, networking, the Internet, systems and real-time programming, storage formats, new technology trends, systems management and desktop OS issues. At home I dabble in photography, and lately video editing, so I hope to learn more about multimedia applications as well.

You can provide feedback in several ways. There is a short comment form you can fill out at the bottom of each blog entry. The comments do not appear on the web page automatically, but are sent to me. I will try to keep editing to a minimum and get them posted within a day or two. I reserve the right to edit or leave out comments with errors or those considered offensive or off-topic. My email address is at the bottom of each page. I will try to respond as best as possible but am usually well behind on things. If the message contains information of interest to others I will post a summary on the blog page where possible. By default, I will include your name or initials but not your email address unless you direct me otherwise. There is also a feedback link in the menu on the left of each page. This is a form where you can send suggestions or comments of a more global nature, e.g. if you'd like to see a particular topic covered, or ask a general question.

I will try to keep the formatting of this blog as simple as possible. It contains no scripts or pop-ups, and should display well on all systems and browsers (except perhaps Lynx, but I will work on that) including mobile devices.

It should be noted that all entries in the blog are my personal opinions, and I am often wrong, so if you use any of this information please do so with caution. I, nor the University of Wisconsin, are responsible for the consequences, and you should definitely verify and double-check anything of importance. The information here is presented as-is without any warranty being implied.

Thanks for visiting. And now, on with the blog.

Ravi Kochhar
Madison, Wisconsin

(This page last modified on Sep. 22, 2007)

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